Pride March, Here and There

It was in 2009 when I first joined a Pride March. Bob, my dear friend from GMSG, was a part of a group called OUT Philippines, would be marching with other members of the group and other LGBT organizations and allies. In this event, I was also introduced to other OUT Phil members like Japz , Mikee, Dweng and Bryan.


Some members of the Out Philippines group


He is dressed as Darna, our local version of Wonder Woman.


Other members of Out Philippines with Bob, Mikee and Japz

In 2010, I attended again the Pride March with the same organization. This is so embarrassing. The only reason I decided to be here because I was still hoping my ex and I would reconcile. Feeling hopeful, huh?


Father Richard Mickley, a friend who officiated Gary and I’s Holy Union in June 07, 2012.


He is dressed as Wonder Woman.


IBM participates in the parade in 2010.

After the 2010 parade, I did not imagine that my next Pride March would be in Washington DC. Here, companies are more supportive of the LGBT community. There are lots of floats, men in the military marching, drag queens, supporters and allies. Marriott Hotel features gay couple in their billboard campaign #LoveTravels. Hook up apps like┬áis advertised in the subway. There are no hecklers on the street. Police presence is very visible. Isn’t that awesome!

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Gary and I just attended few weeks ago this year’s Pride March in Baltimore, Maryland. Hecklers are being dismissed in the area by the police officers. There are at least 5 marching bands! There’s not a lot of floats but the number of supporters is still undeniable.

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I am not sure how the Pride March in Manila looked like this year. Hopefully, it gets better.