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His Dentist

Our mouth , including our teeth , is a vital part of our holistic hygiene. If something is wrong with our teeth, we may develop heart problems in the future. We can also be heart broken. No one wants to kiss us if we have bad breath. It is that simple.


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It was Gary’s dental appointment in Washington DC, March 2015, and also my first time to be examined by his lady dentist. When it was my turn, she looked at my mouth, took pictures of it, took pictures of me, and then she said “My office manager, (let’s call her Leila) will talk to you first, so you won’t get surprised” something to that extent. I thought that what she said was defensive. Something was wrong.


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Leila spoke to me with her papers and computations. She told to me all the procedures to be done for my gum disease, and explained to me the amount that it’s gonna cost me. It was ridiculously high at $3100 with all the insurances and discounts.  I asked myself, “Aren’t we gonna eat anymore so we can pay for these dental bills?” So I told Gary “No”. I don’t want them to be my dentist. And besides, before leaving for the US, I had my teeth cleaned already because I knew dental cost is so high in my new home.


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I emailed Leila to postpone my next dental appointment because, at that time, I was not working yet, and I don’t want Gary to pay for my dental bills. Leila also talked to me on the phone making follow up for my appointment. The postponement bought me time to research about their clinic. On Yelp, they got lots of negative reviews.

For the  list of red flags to watch for at the dentist’s office, here is the link.

In short, I did not go back at that dental clinic again for several reasons. Leila no longer works there.


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