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Fish heads

In relation to the previous blog, another example of a food that is not being wasted in the Philippines is the fish head.

One time, my spouse and I decided to grill fresh fishes at the back porch. He did set up the charcoal grill and I did put the gutted and scaled fishes on the grill. When the fishes were all cooked, he could not eat his fish because he thinks it is looking at him. Isn’t that funny??? So I just cut the fish heads and threw them away.

I remember, when my father cooks sinigang na bangus, I even suck the eyes of the fish. It tastes good!

Not just my spouse, but even our neighbors do not eat fish heads. I mentioned this one time to our land lady and she almost threw up. LOL

And that is why I only see fish fillets in the grocery. Hmmm.


Twenty minutes ago, these fishes were alive. They were still moving while I was scaling them. They are fresh! You can’t beat that!


Our $20 charcoal grill from Walmart.


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