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Chicken parts

I was not born with golden or silver spoon. I am not King Midas who can turn anything I touch into gold. I am not the cloud which has a silver lining. haha. I was born in the province of Pangasinan, moved to San Andres, Manila at the age of 3 with the hope that someday we could have good- paying jobs. At that time when we were still kids, we did not even think that finishing our studies is a way to get good- paying jobs because my parents did not have college education.

I share the same principle with most of the Filipinos who live humbly to not to waste anything. An example is the chicken. When we go to the wet market to buy chicken, we don’t buy the popular parts of the chicken, e.g. breast, leg, thigh parts. We buy the chicken feet or the “adidas”, chicken liver, gizzards and heart and make a delicious lunch or dinner out of it.

Most people here in the US, if not all, do not eat these parts of the chicken. These chicken parts are the food for their pets. For me, this is one of my favorites because it only costs $1- $2 in the grocery. The usual price of lunch or dinner here is $10. I will just cook steamed rice to pair up with my chicken (feet, liver, gizzards and heart) in adobo and I am gonna be good baby!

Kain tayo! Mangan tila! Let’s eat!


Uncooked chicken livers


Chicken liver adobo with rice!


Uncooked chicken paws/ adidas


Adobong adidas!!


Uncooked chicken gizzards


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