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Hotdogs and Footlong

One of my favorite foods when I was a growing kid in San Andres, Manila, Philippines was the hotdog. If it is longer, it is called footlong. Who does not like hotdog with its reddish color, meaty and yummy flavor ???  Raise your hand! But of course, when I became an adult, I tried to do away from it because of my liver issues.

When my spouse craves for footlong, we go to Ann’s Dari Creme in Glen Burnie. I noticed, hotdogs/footlong in our area are salty and pale (not as reddish) than what I used to have when I was a kid. And even those other hotdog brands that we buy in the grocery. They are also salty. My spouse thinks hotdogs in the US are not salty though because it is what he’s been getting all his life. This is why hypertension or high blood pressure according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention affects nearly 50 million Americans  because of these salty foods. http://bit.ly/2a6KQqb

I am now wondering when our next trip to Ann’s Dari Creme is. LOL!


Photo credits to GWB



Photo credits to GWB



Photo credits to GWB


Photo credits to GWB


Internet photos. Our hotdog in the Philippines.


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